This is COLD TRAIL, a game about penguins, secret agents and push block puzzles!

The player controls a penguin who turns out to be a secret agent from the U.S. government. Its role is getting past the ice block puzzles and finishing them with a good punctuation to open new levels and unfold the story.

Unlike Sokoban games, the goal is not to place blocks correctly, but rather push them out of your way in order to reach the other side.

This game is for people who are stressed, trying to challenge their intelligence (semi-hardcores), or literally for those with time inside the bathroom (casual). 


  • Push blocks (Sokoban style) and reach the other side of the room!
  • Isometric penguin-cute view.
  • Penguin Touch-enabled movement.
  • Fast relaxing puzzles. (But do not underestimate it!)
  • Skins!!!
  • Funny storyline premise. Presidente is a crazy fella.
  • Reinvented Sokoban game. (And beyond!)



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Emerson Rosa
Ian Quint
Rudá Moreira